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Mini-Derricks/Aerial Lifts

SDP, Skylift and Terex Units to Meet Your Backyard Needs

Skylift Patriot in creekDUECO provides a wide range of SDP EZ Hauler, Skylift and Terex Utilities mini-derricks and mini aerials to the utility industry. The newest backyard aerials are the Terex TL50/TL55P units that offer:

• 52 and 57 feet of working height
• 36+ feet of side reach
• Easy access to backyards (through a 36-inch wide opening) for repairing or replacing distribution lines, poles, transformers

In addition, our Patriot line of small tracked 360º continuous rotation digger derricks are well suited to “Right of Way” applications and can conveniently be pulled with other digger derricks and bucket trucks currently in your existing fleets. At 76 hp, they have the greatest horsepower in their class, and 5.0 psi ground pressure, making them especially suitable for rugged or boggy terrain. Learn more on what customers are saying about the Patriot!

Not sure which mini-derrick or mini-aerial is right for you?

We also carry SDP, Skylift and Terex mini-derrick or aerial lift demonstrators for you to use during a specified time period. It's the perfect way to try before you buy!

DUECO can also provide a Morooka carrier (300, 600, 800, 1500, 2200 or 3000 series) for your digger derrick, aerial device or other equipment.

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Model NameTypeManufacturer
33 Plus Mini-Derrick (wheeled) Backyard Aerial Lift Skylift
33 Plus Mini-Derrick (tracked)
Backyard Aerial Lift Skylift
EZ Hauler 3400
Mini-Derrick SDP EZ Hauler
Super 6000LP
Mini-Derrick Skylift
EZ Hauler 5500M
SDP EZ Hauler
EZ Ride On Mini-Derrick Lift
SDP EZ Hauler
Mini Arborist Backyard Aerial Lift Skylift
Terex TL 37, TL41 Backyard Aerial
Backyard Aerial Lift Terex Utilities
Terex TL50/55BA Backyard Aerial
Backyard Aerial Lift Terex Utilities/SDP

Want to learn more about SDP mini derricks/aerial lifts or Skylift mini derricks/aerial lifts? Skylift Patriot in creek

1. Contact our Construction Specialist This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

2. Learn more about financing your new mini-derrick or mini aerial lift.

3. Not sure if a new mini-derrick or mini-aerial lift is right for you, see our pre-owned equipment options.


Financing Options

DUECO offers the following financing options:
• Operating Leases
• Capital Leases
• Lease Lines of Credit
• Equipment Loans
• Sale - Leasebacks
• First-Amendment Leases

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DUECO now provides NCCCO Digger Derrick Certification. Get your operators trained and certified.

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