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Hybrid Utility Trucks

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DUECO, Inc. strives to serve customers and their utility truck needs. We believe in helping to make our planet greener and are committed to helping our customers do the same. This is precisely why DUECO is your hybrid bucket truck and hybrid digger derrick resource. We have the ability to offer you hybrid options to reduce emissions, provide a quieter work environment, and reduce utility truck fuel costs.

The Parallel Hybrid System

A parallel hybrid system, such as Odyne System's plug-in hybrid electric vehicle solution offers several advantages to stand-alone alternatively fueled vehicles and vehicles powered by conventional internal combustion engines. This type of plug-in hybrid electric vehicle solution for utility trucks provides companies with the following advantages:

  • Reduced fuel consumption of up to 50%, depending on duty cycle and reduced emissions
  • Enhanced reliability with redundant power for critical operations
  • Uses low cost, domestically produced energy from the nation’s electric grid
  • A stored energy system is a completely self-contained unit with batteries, chargers, and energy/thermal management
  • Capable of supporting 6kW - 18 kW of exportable power
  • Versatile system available on any truck chassis with an Allison transmission and a GVW greater than 14,000 lbs
  • Advanced diagnostics and data acquisition available

Odyne system diagram

odyne parallel system diagram
Odyne System installed on bare chassis

Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy an Odyne Hybrid System?

The Conventional Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Conventional hybrid electric vehicle systems for utility truck applications are designed for users that have consistent stops/starts and power takeoff (PTO) in their jobs. Designed for both the light and medium duty utility truck market, these systems offer improved fuel economy, quieter operation, and better acceleration.

  • Reduced idle time provides for quieter operation, less fuel consumption and fewer emissions
  • Onboard battery is charged by the diesel engine and the engine's power generator
  • Wasted energy is captured during braking to charge the battery
  • Electric motor is used as generator when decelerating to capture energy
  • Diesel engine starts when battery drains to a certain level. This recharges the battery and once charged, the engine shuts off.
  • Saves multiple gallons of fuel on an average workday
  • Qualifies for governmental hybrid credits

Want to learn more about making your utility truck fleet greener?

1. Find more information on the parallel hybrid system provided by Odyne.

2. View video about Odyne's System.

3. Purchase a complete hybrid vehicle by contacting your DUECO sales representative.

4. Research government funding opportunities.


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